New products AND lower shipping rates - recipe for a STRONG February!!

What's up guys - hope you are crushing your Monday and kicking off this week STRONG. We have some new products launched on the site as well as a couple of other things we wanted to give you a heads up on.

First off - we have LOWERED OUR SHIPPING RATES so that we can pass off some savings to our awesome customers. Check out the shipping rate page for more info. Our domestic US shipping has been reduced the most and we still offer '3 tees ship free'. With the current exchange rates - the all-in prices of our apparel for our UK customers is extremely great value....get reppin' in the UK!!

We have added a new design to our range of weightlifting apparel and teamed up with the best tasting, high quality, fair trade coffee around which is the only pre-workout you need (blog post on that to follow!) - Renegade Roasting Co.!! Our 'Caffeinate and Dominate' shirts are perfect for those heavy lifting workouts when you need a little extra fuel to get you through it. A good cup of strong black coffee will get you smashing that workout in no time. Why not grab the mug too to really kick start your day!

Renegade Roasting Co. coffee | Iron Strong Apparel                   Renegade Roasting Co. pre-workout fuel | Iron Strong Apparel

Our 'Iron Strong' shirts are just some simple branding designs...with a slight twist included for our Canadian fans. Why not grab one with a couple of other designs and get your free shipping (in the US only).

One of the things we recognise here at Iron Strong and have built our brand around, is that strength comes in many forms and that the qualities gained from dedication to the iron can be applied to all aspects of your life. This is especially true for women - a woman with a fit physique is more than just a hot body; it shows she works hard, has dedication, discipline, self-respect, dignity, patience, work ethics and passion. And she knows that a love affair with the iron will make her 'Strong 'n Sexy'!!

Check out all our new products with more designs in the pipeline to drop in the next month or two. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, drop us an email with any suggestions you have on what you want to see in the future...and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

STRONG in the gym - STRONG in life.

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