Spring Collection Coming Soon!! March 22, 2017 23:11

Quick 'n dirty one today for you folks just to let you know that the Iron Strong Apparel Spring Collection is in the works and will be LIVE on the site soon...ready for rocking while working on your snatch, ramping up your deadlifts or workin' on that squat depth.

Just putting together the final designs and then we'll get working on the products themselves. Expect some more designs in line with our brand and what we are about

Likely won't be released in the Spring Collection, however we are working on more legging designs and a few more hat designs. Stay tuned.

Hopefully you'll all keep supporting us & repping our gear!!



What's been happening at Iron Strong and the story behind our (temporary) shirt change... March 03, 2017 20:18

What is up my friends?

Coming at you here from Iron Strong HQ with a quick blog post update to bring you up to speed with what's been happening with the brand.

We've been working hard to create new & unique designs for our customers to keep crushing workouts and smashing PR's in....keep an eye out for a new range to be released VERY SOON!!

Part of what we're working on is a more diverse range and offering for you guys; hence why we've created some beanie hats that were released a few weeks ago, we're coming up with more hat designs and also trying to extend our leggings offering. We'll also be doing a refresh of some our older shirt & tank designs - so keep an eye out for clearance sales!

For any of you in the industry or who just like to keep up with business news in general, you may have heard that American Apparel went bankrupt at the end of last year (bad news) however have since been bought over by Gildan (good news!). All their retail stores will be closing, but the profitable wholesale side of the business will remain and be assumed by Gildan. As we use American Apparel shirts as the blanks to print on, obviously this has caused some concern.

There have been some stock issues in this transition period as Gildan are trying to sort out the manufacturing process and take over the business...which means we have had to look elsewhere to keep providing our customers with their orders. We are very passionate about our 'American Made' statement and have tried our best to source American Made shirts, however these are few and far between.

As a result, we've ended up trying out shirts from Bella + Canvas, who are an American company however some of their shirts are assembled internationally with US components. They are still 100% sweatshop free and maintain an eco-conscious manufacturing process, with a line of products that are made in LA. Their shirts are suuuuuper soft though and print well, so we're sure you're gonna be happy with them. If Gildan get their act together and continue to manufacturer American Apparel, then all will be back to normal in no time.

Let us know in the comments if American Made is very important to you or if the overall fit & feel of the shirt is more paramount. We'd love to hear your opinion!!

Until next time....stay STRONG.

Adam - Iron Strong Apparel

Black Friday 2016 deals are now live!! November 22, 2016 12:39

Just a quick update today fellow lifters; let's talk Black Friday!!

We don't like to be rushed - after all, the quest for those gains & PR's is a constant battle against the iron...there's no overnight magic pill for strength & size. So why should you guys be rushed to grab some bargains and add to your lifting apparel collection? You shouldn't.

Therefore, we've opened up our Black Friday deals to run the FULL WEEK to give you guys plenty of time to check out our site & take your pick of new weightlifting or CrossFit gear to rock 'at the bar'.

If you want to pick up some new gear to help hit that olympic lift PR, or to make your fellow members down the box jealous...then check out the codes below:

IRON15 for 15% off all orders (no minimum, worldwide, no exceptions)

STRONG20 for 20% off orders over CAD$100 (worldwide, no exceptions)

The above codes are valid NOW right up until midnight EST on Cyber Monday (28th November 2016). 

Not subscribed to our email list & don't follow us on social media? First off, sort that out & sign up now or start following! Secondly, check out some of our new products which just dropped:

The 'Barbell Crew' - the only crew you need to be a member of; united under iron, bound by pain, brothers & sisters in a world in which we choose to be stronger, better & to never quit. Iron Strong Barbell Crew - Liftin' Heavy since MMXV.

The 'OLY LFT' - really the only shirt any aspiring or seasoned olympic lifting athlete should ever own. Dominate those clean & jerks in style; available in shirt or tank.

The 'Moving Weight' - a simple statement of what we do best; move weight. A more subtle design just as stylish on the platform pulling some heavy deadlifts as it is with a pair of jeans in the bar hanging with friends.

As always folks - drop us an email at with any questions you have on sizing, shipping, quality etc.

Stay strong,


All the latest weightlifting apparel news from Iron Strong Apparel!! October 20, 2016 21:22

Hey guys,

I realise it's been a loooong time since I last did a blog post, however hopefully you've all noticed that we've been busy over here at Iron Strong Apparel. We've been trying to make sure our brand is aligned with the values we built it on, which in turn is being reflected in some of our recent & upcoming designs.

We've settled on a logo which we think is key in recognising our brand; simple but yet incorporates one of our main loves...the barbell. Check it out below! We've added this to a number of our products including the pocket logo shirts, our new Bulls & Barbells weighting shirt as well as to some existing designs.


Iron Strong Apparel logo


We've added our first snapback cap!! It features the Iron Strong Apparel logo on a badge style design on the front, complete with 'Liftin' Heavy' phrase on the side. Perfect for adding some style in the gym or just when you wake up with bed head. Keep an eye out for more designs and styles coming soon!

A lot of iron enthusiasts will be familiar with the great Henry Rollins article 'Iron and the Soul'. If not, check it out here - definitely worth a read! There are some quality lines & thoughts in the article, though most people will remember the last paragraph:

The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you're a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.

Our 'Forged by the Iron' shirt incorporates 'the iron never lies' below the anvil. Forged by the iron relates to not only your body, but also your mind. This design is available in men's shirts, women's racerbacks and t shirts and also unisex 3/4 sleeve designs.

Forged by the Iron weightlifting shirts

'Deadlifts & Chill' continues to be a popular design!! Everyone be loving them deadlifts! We've added 'Snatches & Chill' to the lineup...snatches have their lovers too.

Hoodies are a staple in every wardrobe and you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn't own one; therefore we had to add them to our lineup of products. So far we've kept these with just a simple pocket logo. Available in zip up or pullover style, multiple colours and they are unisex, so your girlfriend or wife doesn't have to steal yours.

I think we'll wrap it up there...we've got some exciting news to come with regards to our first sponsored athlete - watch this space!!

In the meantime, check out the links in the blog to our latest products or just head over to the collections page and get shopping! As always, drop us an email at or contact us through Instagram or Facebook with any questions you have.

Keep 'er heavy!!

Adam - Iron Strong Apparel


Let’s face it, the majority of women are scared of lifting weights because they don’t want to get ‘too big and muscly’. Some avoid it due to insecurities in the gym surrounded by the meatheads, thinking they see them sniggering at the 5lb dumbbells they’re starting out with. Some women just don’t see lifting weights as something women should do.

Now, with the emergence of CrossFit and those resistance based cross-training workouts in most globo-gyms, more and more women are fast seeing the benefits of having a love affair with the iron. However, for those of you still on the fence – we have listed out 5 (though there are plenty more) great reasons for you to ditch the cross-trainer and hit the squat rack.

  1. More effective fat loss: through weight training, your body learns to burn fat both during and after exercise. After hitting a serious weight session, your body consumes additional oxygen for hours and even days after…thus requiring more caloric expenditure and an increased metabolic rate. Yay for weightlifting. As you then continue to increase strength and lean muscle mass, your body uses calories more efficiently. Daily muscle contractions contribute to how many calories you burn in a given day- and yip, you guessed it, strength training is the perfect way to get those muscles contracting. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more muscle contractions you’ll have which will ultimately lead to more calories burnt.
  2. That booty: as you build muscle, your body begins to take on a nice hourglass shape, which sure…you may be able to get through cardio, but not to the same degree. Cardio and endurance exercise can help you lose weight, but that weight comes in the form of both fat and muscle tissue. When you lose fat and muscle tissue, say bye-bye to those lovely curves. Strength training therefore not only helps create those curves, it helps sustain them. You can use weight training to shape your body how you want it (to a degree). At this point, I’d like to jump in and try to clear up a common misconception amongst women. We always hear women saying they just want to ‘tone and shape’, which ultimately is (nearly) impossible to do – your parents (through genetics) probably have more of a say in that than any form of exercise. What they typically mean however, is that they want to lose some body fat and firm up their muscles. We’ve already discussed how weight training can help with burning fat, however what about the fear of getting ‘too big’? Let’s just think about this for a minute – the majority of guys in the gym spend countless hours reading stuff online, watching YouTube videos, spending copious amounts of money on supplements and countless hours in the gym…all in search of the holy grail of getting big and putting on muscle. And most of them will only succeed in adding a few pounds of muscle over a year or two and staying in a decent shape. Do you think it’s really that easy to get big and it just happens by accident? Hell no. A single kilogram of muscle takes a calorie surplus of 9000 calories to be created. That’s a LOT of food over and above your maintenance calories. Plus, you need to be training specifically to get big. So ladies….don’t worry about getting too big & bulky – it will only happen if this is your specific goal (and even then it won’t happen over night to your surprise).
  3. Increased overall health – sleep, energy & heart: strength training improves sleep quality; aiding your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake less often in the night. Setting you up nicely to rise & grind the next day after a full recharge. Weight training also causes an increase in energy expenditure for hours after you train. Pumping iron can reduce your risk of heart disease. Studies have found that those who lift weights are less likely to have heart disease risk factors such as a large waist circumference, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure and glucose levels.
  4. Stress relief: exercise in general is a great stress reliever. What better way to vent your frustrations with your boss than by pushing heavy weight on the bench? Pissed off with your husband / boyfriend? Take it out on the iron, it won’t mind and it sure as hell doesn’t talk back. Next time you need to blow off some steam – hit the (weight) bar!
  5. Self-esteem & looking good naked: last but not least, weight training can give you a whole new outlook on life and how you view your body. When done right and showing the dedication, persistence and drive it takes; you can turn your body into something you can be proud of and be happy with when having some sexy sexy time with your other half. Being strong and healthy increases your confidence; knowing that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. It also teaches you a number of transferrable qualities that you can apply to anything in life; not only strengthening your body, but also strengthening your mind. This is what Iron Strong represents as a brand.

So there you have it ladies – if you haven’t already stopped reading this and picked up a barbell, then get to it! There are massive amounts of great resources and fitness individuals online who can help guide you with programs for your specific goal. The best way to succeed is to plan to succeed; so get yourself a good training program and stick with it for a few months…you’ll be amazed at the differences you’ll see! To help set you on your way to success in the iron game, why not check out our apparel and get yourself kitted out in some high quality, form-fitting shirts to keep you motivated. Just remember, the female iron game is changing….Strong is Sexy!!

STRONG in the gym – STRONG in life.

New products AND lower shipping rates - recipe for a STRONG February!! February 15, 2016 16:54

What's up guys - hope you are crushing your Monday and kicking off this week STRONG. We have some new products launched on the site as well as a couple of other things we wanted to give you a heads up on.

First off - we have LOWERED OUR SHIPPING RATES so that we can pass off some savings to our awesome customers. Check out the shipping rate page for more info. Our domestic US shipping has been reduced the most and we still offer '3 tees ship free'. With the current exchange rates - the all-in prices of our apparel for our UK customers is extremely great value....get reppin' in the UK!!

We have added a new design to our range of weightlifting apparel and teamed up with the best tasting, high quality, fair trade coffee around which is the only pre-workout you need (blog post on that to follow!) - Renegade Roasting Co.!! Our 'Caffeinate and Dominate' shirts are perfect for those heavy lifting workouts when you need a little extra fuel to get you through it. A good cup of strong black coffee will get you smashing that workout in no time. Why not grab the mug too to really kick start your day!

Renegade Roasting Co. coffee | Iron Strong Apparel                   Renegade Roasting Co. pre-workout fuel | Iron Strong Apparel

Our 'Iron Strong' shirts are just some simple branding designs...with a slight twist included for our Canadian fans. Why not grab one with a couple of other designs and get your free shipping (in the US only).

One of the things we recognise here at Iron Strong and have built our brand around, is that strength comes in many forms and that the qualities gained from dedication to the iron can be applied to all aspects of your life. This is especially true for women - a woman with a fit physique is more than just a hot body; it shows she works hard, has dedication, discipline, self-respect, dignity, patience, work ethics and passion. And she knows that a love affair with the iron will make her 'Strong 'n Sexy'!!

Check out all our new products with more designs in the pipeline to drop in the next month or two. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, drop us an email with any suggestions you have on what you want to see in the future...and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

STRONG in the gym - STRONG in life.

Weightlifting - Powerlifting - Olympic lifting - CrossFit

2016 SALE - 16% off EVERYTHING!!! Runs until January 16th... January 08, 2016 20:10

Quick update post today guys to let you know of our 2016 sale to kickstart the new year - get 16% off your order using code NYSTRONG16 at checkout. Browse our products and grab a bargain!!

Here at Iron Strong, lifting weights is a passion and not a fad - however if you are new to the Iron as part of a new year resolution, then picking up some new gear is a great way to stay on track with your goals & new training regime. If you are a seasoned iron warrior, then pick up a new shirt to show your love for the Iron!

This can be used on all products we sell, however unfortunately cannot be used in conjunction with the '3 tees ship free within the US' offer.

STRONG in the gym - STRONG in life

20% OFF EVERYTHING Black Friday sale on weightlifting shirts!! November 27, 2015 09:44

Hey guys,

Quick post today to give any visitors not on social media a heads up that we are running a 20% off everything sale today only - use code BF20 at checkout and pick up some great deals!!

Pick up some weightlifting shirts for crushing your next workout in. We have designs aimed specifically at CrossFit and Olympic well as general gym and fitness use. Or, just for lounging around in on rest day!

STRONG in the gym - STRONG in life.

NEW Iron Strong weightlifting shirts, tanks and women's racerback designs now available!! October 26, 2015 21:24

Hey folks,

Just a short post today to highlight the latest additions to the store for all your weightlifting, olympic weightlifting and general gym use needs.

We've added new designs across the board, as well as offering some of the designs on men's tanks and women's racerback tanks. We've also added a couple of new women's designs, with a couple more in the works - we don't want to unleash them all at the same time!!

Unfortunately our free US shipping has also ended...but don't fret, we've now included free shipping for all orders over CAD$100 - that's 3 tees ship free!! For all of you outside of the US, we are working to try and reduce the shipping costs or give you the option of live shipping quotes. Stay tuned & keep supporting us!!

Now enough reading and more buying - click on 'Shop' now and start adding items to your cart!!

Strong in the Gym - Strong in Life.

5 reasons why you should buy an Iron Strong t-shirt October 05, 2015 19:38

  1. We use nothing but high quality t-shirts and tanks, which will hold up to the physical activities generally imposed on it when engaging in a form of weight training. Our t-shirts & tanks are made with comfortable and lightweight material, which doesn’t impose itself on you or restrict your movement during your training session. They are also incredibly comfortable for just lounging around in on your rest day or for chilling in at the weekend. The form fitting nature of the material used means that the t-shirts will emphasize your arms and shoulders; while the tanks will give a sexy, slimming look for the ladies.
  2. Our t-shirts and tanks are manufactured in the United States by American Apparel, who utilize motivated and fairly-paid employees – sweatshop free. American Apparel is also committed to sustainability within their LA campus; focusing on reducing their carbon footprint, recycling and renewable energy usage. So you can wear your Iron Strong t-shirt with a clear conscience. Check out the link in our FAQ section for more info.
  3. Iron Strong is a company started by someone who actively engages in the target market; weight training. We only produce items that we would wear and would be proud to wear. We have the same interest and love for the iron that you do.
  4. We are not a huge global corporation such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour etc. (and likely, never will be; but we know that and we’re ok with it), which means that when you walk into your gym or box, you won’t see the majority of folk wearing the same or similar t-shirt as you. Be a trendsetter! Lead, don’t follow.
  5. You’ll be supporting the little guys! Take pride knowing that you’re helping establish a fresh new brand that will eventually get involved in the community through athlete & event sponsorship. We will listen to feedback provided to us, so that if you want to see different color options or certain designs – we’ll take the feedback on board and will do our best to provide. Ultimately, giving you what you want.

We understand that our design offering is still somewhat limited...especially for the ladies - so if you don't see anything that excites you just yet, but like the idea of purchasing from us in the near future (new t-shirts & tanks being added weekly!), then submit your email address in the Newsletter box in the footer below & receive an email with 10% off your first purchase!!

Strong in the gym - Strong in Life.

What's the story with our Iron Strong Apparel t-shirts? Good question, read on… September 08, 2015 21:01

What’s up folks?

Adam here from Iron Strong Apparel with the first of what will hopefully become a regular(ish) blog post…talking about all things weightlifting / training, apparel, motivation and anything else than comes to mind that seems relevant.

If you’re reading this, then welcome! You’ve made it to the site and have hopefully had a look around, so that’s a start. If you have any comments on the designs we have so far then we would love to hear from you – drop us an email at Also let us know if you have any suggestions on what you would like in a weight training t-shirt / tank that you maybe can’t find from other companies out there…after all, that’s what we are aiming to provide. 

I wanted to introduce some of the designs that we have on the site and provide a bit of background to what we are aiming for.

Our initial design, The 'Classic' t-shirt is really just something simple showing our brand and forming the basis of a 'logo' t-shirt which most brands have. Brand name across the chest. Simple. Hopefully people will add one of these to their cart with another design, just to represent the brand and let people know they are supporting the little guys. **Blog Update: we have since updated our logo and therefore, our classic t-shirt had to get a bit of an upgrade. The new 'Classic 2.0' t-shirt is available now! **

With our 'Heavy Iron US' t-shirt we wanted to incorporate a basic mantra of weight lifters and something that the majority of strength and conditioning coaches preach; in order to develop real strength, you need to be lifting some heavy iron on a regular basis. Obviously there are a number of other factors to consider, however this is the foundation of any good training program. We also incorporated the US flag design to represent the fact that our products are manufactured and printed in the USA. No child labour. No sweatshops. Quality local made apparel. Plus…America – f*ck yeah!

The 'Lift' t-shirt again illustrates that weight training doesn’t need to be complicated – just get in the gym and lift. As long as you are following a weight training program 3 to 4 times per week and doing some sort of conditioning, you will be able to maintain a certain level of fitness, wellbeing and in conjunction with the right nutrition, build some muscle (the holy grail!). The overall design represents what we are about – simple and subtle, but relevant to the sport / hobby that you love. The heavy squat silhouette in the background of the text just adds that relevance component. This t-shirt will hopefully appeal to the Powerlifters and Olympic lifters out there, which is why we offer the 2XL option for this t-shirt.

The Iron Strong Barbell Club t-shirt introduces our 'Bulls & Barbells' slogan. Bulls are strong, you’re trying to be (or are – lucky you). Plus the bull skull will hopefully become a signature icon of our brand, which looks kinda cool. Look out for the bull skull cropping up in future designs. **Blog update: we have since updated our logo to include the bull skull....think it's a better fit? Comments below please!**

Finally….the ladies. I didn’t want to put you last, I just wanted to get everything else out of the way so I could focus on you guys ;-). Our current offering for the female lifter is, admittedly, very light at the moment. However, rest assured that we are working on getting more designs up on the site tailored to you. The majority of the feedback we’ve had from the ladies is that a Racerback style is the preferred option – leaves you free to move during the lifts and doesn’t restrict.

Hence why our first design is offered only in the Racerback style (besides the 'Classic' t-shirt, which can be used for wearing to & from the gym / lounging around the house). The 'Ladies Who Lift' Kettlebell tank aims to show the strong but feminine side of the wearer – the ‘strong’ in our brand being the dominant word on the tank, with some girly touches in the flowers and text colouring. All this wrapped up in a kettlebell shape. Perfect. This tank may also appeal to the female Crossfitter who doesn’t want to be walking around like an advert for CrossFit®….a subtle nod to the common use of kettlebells in boxes across the world (lets face it, you can get a serious workout from kettlebells alone).

So that’s it – you now have an insight to our thought process behind the designs and where we will be trying to align our brand. Simple but relevant designs, offered on high quality t-shirts / tanks which will be comfortable and durable during your weight lifting / training session, powerlifting training, general meathead workouts, WODs or even just grabbing a coffee at the weekend. Our t-shirts are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them all the time!

Hopefully this will inspire you to go ahead and buy a t-shirt!! Get in there early and lay claim to the fact that you’ve supported us from the start!

Strong in the gym – Strong in life.

Welcome to the next big brand in weight training and powerlifting apparel!! August 03, 2015 14:36

Our store is finally live!!! It's taken a lot of work to get to this point so we hope you like the store and we are welcoming any feedback! Take a look at our men's and women's t-shirts for your next  Crossfit workout, powerlifting session or just good 'ole heavy weight training session.

We only have one of our designs available in a small variety of men's and women's t-shirts....however we will be adding more designs and styles over the coming weeks - keep checking back on the site or follow us on Twitter (@ironstrongapp) or Facebook ( for updates!!

Let us know what you would like to see / different colour varieties / styles etc. by dropping us an email at

We are just starting our adventure as a brand so please support us as we grow!

Strong in the gym - Strong in life.

Iron Strong Apparel