What's been happening at Iron Strong and the story behind our (temporary) shirt change...

What is up my friends?

Coming at you here from Iron Strong HQ with a quick blog post update to bring you up to speed with what's been happening with the brand.

We've been working hard to create new & unique designs for our customers to keep crushing workouts and smashing PR's in....keep an eye out for a new range to be released VERY SOON!!

Part of what we're working on is a more diverse range and offering for you guys; hence why we've created some beanie hats that were released a few weeks ago, we're coming up with more hat designs and also trying to extend our leggings offering. We'll also be doing a refresh of some our older shirt & tank designs - so keep an eye out for clearance sales!

For any of you in the industry or who just like to keep up with business news in general, you may have heard that American Apparel went bankrupt at the end of last year (bad news) however have since been bought over by Gildan (good news!). All their retail stores will be closing, but the profitable wholesale side of the business will remain and be assumed by Gildan. As we use American Apparel shirts as the blanks to print on, obviously this has caused some concern.

There have been some stock issues in this transition period as Gildan are trying to sort out the manufacturing process and take over the business...which means we have had to look elsewhere to keep providing our customers with their orders. We are very passionate about our 'American Made' statement and have tried our best to source American Made shirts, however these are few and far between.

As a result, we've ended up trying out shirts from Bella + Canvas, who are an American company however some of their shirts are assembled internationally with US components. They are still 100% sweatshop free and maintain an eco-conscious manufacturing process, with a line of products that are made in LA. Their shirts are suuuuuper soft though and print well, so we're sure you're gonna be happy with them. If Gildan get their act together and continue to manufacturer American Apparel, then all will be back to normal in no time.

Let us know in the comments if American Made is very important to you or if the overall fit & feel of the shirt is more paramount. We'd love to hear your opinion!!

Until next time....stay STRONG.

Adam - Iron Strong Apparel

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