About Us


"STRONG in training - STRONG in life"

Our brand is built on the principles of Perseverance, Discipline, Dedication and Strength; attributes which can be developed in the gym but can translate to any aspect of your life. We strongly believe that when you have strength in the gym, other aspects of your life will follow suit.

Iron Strong Apparel was born out of a love of stylish, unique t shirts combined with a passion for weightlifting and the 'Iron'. We cater to weightlifting, powerlifting, general meatheads and the regular gym user who's heart skips a beat when they see the squat rack is free. We also cater to CrossFit® athletes who are looking for something more subtle in their gear, that doesn't make them look like a walking advert for the sport.

Iron Strong Apparel uses comfortable, durable materials built for athletes to last during their workouts - so you can focus on the correct lift technique, hitting a new PR or generally crushing your workout. We provide no-nonsense designs and let the fit of the t shirt show off the hard work you've put into your training. 
We use a sustainable print-on-demand model, which means we don't hold a bunch of stock unnecessarily. 

ADAM McLOUGHLIN - Founder / Owner
An Irishman living in Toronto, Adam is an engineer who has been lifting weights in some capacity or another for the past 20 years; experimenting with various training techniques while also dabbling in CrossFit® for a couple of years. Iron Strong Apparel was born out of his passion for lifting weights and the positive impact it has had in his life.

His interest in the iron lifestyle has led him to discover a number of individuals who have introduced the philosophies of continuous self improvement in all aspects of life; leading him along a path of constantly trying to work on and improve himself both mentally and physically. 

Strong in training - Strong in life