Now Shipping From Europe!! Avoid Customs Fees and Enjoy Faster Shipping...

What is up my friends? Been a while since we did a blog post I know...but the summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy fitness to the full!

Just a quick update today to give you a heads up on some AWESOME news - we are now able to ship some of our products from within Europe!! What does this mean for you? Zero customs fees and faster shipping times when you order your favourite weightlifting apparel. BOOM!

No European Customs Fees

We've had great support from our friends in Europe since we started, however the nasty customs fees that can come as a (random it seems) surprise can really put people off. This is great timing for us to be able to offer shipping from a European warehouse; any orders being shipped to an EU country will be exempt from customs fees. Now you don't have to pray to the customs gods not to get that dreaded notice from the postman saying you owe money on your new apparel for CrossFit.

Check out our shipping page for more details!!

Currently we can't ship hats from our European warehouse...but stay tuned - will come soon!

Until next time...


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