Missed a few weight training sessions? Forget about it and move on.

What's up fellow lifters! Just a quick 'thought of the day' I've been pondering...wanted to make it into a short blog post.

We all love lifting weights; whether it's via CrossFit (which, no matter what your thoughts on CrossFit are, it has definitely exposed more people to the wonderful world of weightlifting and Olympic lifting), in your local weightlifting club, in your garage gym or even in a globo-gym (we don't judge - it's all that's available to a lot of us).

However, what happens when due to any number of reasons, you miss a few sessions? Do you beat yourself up about it? Start getting scared of losing all those gainz? Panic because you don't know whether to start straight back into your program or go back to the start?

Whatever you do, just take it as done and move on. Forget about it. It's done & in the past. Dwelling on it isn't going to do any good and if anything, might stress you out which is definitely not good for muscle growth!

Now, you could have missed those sessions for any number of reasons, and that'll be for you to be honest about and assess for yourself. Were you just lazy & didn't want to go? Maybe time to re-assess your goals and review your program to make it more fun, mix it up. Did you have a particularly heavy Holiday work night out & suffered for a couple of days? Definitely no harm in that, we only live once (and I am Irish, so drink is my downfall!). Did you just have family commitments that you couldn't get out of? You always have to have your priorities and family should be #1.

No matter what the reason, just put it in the past and move on. Then go back in that gym the next day and crush some weights! Truth is, unless you really miss a couple of weeks then you likely won't have lost (much) strength, gains or athletic ability. Heck, if you're in your early to mid-30s or older then you should probably be cycling an off week or two every 12 weeks anyway! But that's for another blog post....

Keep crushing it guys, in the gym & in life.

Adam | Iron Strong

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