5 reasons why you should buy an Iron Strong t-shirt

  1. We use nothing but high quality t-shirts and tanks, which will hold up to the physical activities generally imposed on it when engaging in a form of weight training. Our t-shirts & tanks are made with comfortable and lightweight material, which doesn’t impose itself on you or restrict your movement during your training session. They are also incredibly comfortable for just lounging around in on your rest day or for chilling in at the weekend. The form fitting nature of the material used means that the t-shirts will emphasize your arms and shoulders; while the tanks will give a sexy, slimming look for the ladies.
  2. Our t-shirts and tanks are manufactured in the United States by American Apparel, who utilize motivated and fairly-paid employees – sweatshop free. American Apparel is also committed to sustainability within their LA campus; focusing on reducing their carbon footprint, recycling and renewable energy usage. So you can wear your Iron Strong t-shirt with a clear conscience. Check out the link in our FAQ section for more info.
  3. Iron Strong is a company started by someone who actively engages in the target market; weight training. We only produce items that we would wear and would be proud to wear. We have the same interest and love for the iron that you do.
  4. We are not a huge global corporation such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour etc. (and likely, never will be; but we know that and we’re ok with it), which means that when you walk into your gym or box, you won’t see the majority of folk wearing the same or similar t-shirt as you. Be a trendsetter! Lead, don’t follow.
  5. You’ll be supporting the little guys! Take pride knowing that you’re helping establish a fresh new brand that will eventually get involved in the community through athlete & event sponsorship. We will listen to feedback provided to us, so that if you want to see different color options or certain designs – we’ll take the feedback on board and will do our best to provide. Ultimately, giving you what you want.

We understand that our design offering is still somewhat limited...especially for the ladies - so if you don't see anything that excites you just yet, but like the idea of purchasing from us in the near future (new t-shirts & tanks being added weekly!), then submit your email address in the Newsletter box in the footer below & receive an email with 10% off your first purchase!!

Strong in the gym - Strong in Life.

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